High pressure water jet cleaning Service

Internal Vessel Cleaning

Removing scale, corrosion or other unwanted materials will result in improved productivity and quality. We offer the latest High and Ultra High Pressure technologies, providing high pressure cleaning services for just about any type of tank or vessel.We have been reliably cleaning tanks on sites across Thailand for twelve years, with minimal disruption to production. Our technicians hold a range of competencies from confined space entry through to rope access and rigging, so we are sure to be able to provide you with a multi-disciplined team of experienced, competent and friendly technicians.

And new technology for removing scale or corrosion. Enclosed 3D (Tank Wash Head) non entry tank cleaning systems and operating pressures to be brought to bear on tank, resulting in superior cleaning results.  These semi auto high pressure water jetting cleaning systems enable you to plan for more extensive cleaning faster - reducing plant downtime significantly.

These cleaning techniques have also greatly enhanced safety by almost eliminating the requirement for vessel entry by cleaning personnel.  This offers customers the peace of mind of significantly reducing safety risks such as operator fatigue, as well as reducing the need for almosphere testing breathing apparatus, scaffolding rescue systems

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